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Cool game!
Cool! That's true. Ok, so now I know why I was crushed! I really like your game, by the way.
Nice! I noticed that you change the level with the bees, flies, and spider to the spider chasing the flies. I haven't made it to level ten yet, so your game is sufficiently hard. Haha!
I had about 13 ants and 6 beatles attacking me and I ran out of money, so I died. And all the ants and beatles were all blue! I think the enemy can become to powerful!
Your welcome! Whats the cheat? Haha
Nice job!
Really nice game! Some problems and preferences. Preferences: I would have the images of some of the objects a bit smaller. In the level with the flies, spiders and bees, I would have the player control a spider and chase the flies over the other way around. In some of the levels, I would put less enemies, especially in the car and bus level. Problems (In my eyes): Sometimes I feel that I had gotten close enough to an objective to have it removed, but it wasn't. I only managed to get to the car and bus level, and I'm not sure what level number that is, so I don;t think I can say I played all the levels. But I like your game! Nice job!
awesome game! the only thing i have to say is the Mechanoids take to much heath to quickly. But really nice game!
Nice game!