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Kartoffelbrot presents ...


Tiny Tank

This is my first own big project. I have made much more classes, like other weapons or interactive objects, but i haven't implemented them into the levels right now. In the options menu you can choose between german, english and klingon as languages.
Thanks to Gevater_Tod4711 and danpost for help with the mouse. There are only 14 levels already, but more will follow.
If you want, you can try to beat the highscore in survival-mode. The higscorelist can be found in garage.
The music is made by TinyTilman.

Please comment, so that I can make it better!

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Tags: mouse game simulation physics shoot tank userinfo drive c1ia13 klingon tiger

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When will you add more levels? and is it possible to make a level maker with option to share your level and play levels others made? like it
Thank you, but I don't know, when I will continue working on it, or if I will do it at all. The idea of an editor is very nice, but sharing levels on this website could become very hard to program because you have such less space.


maybe you can make it that you have a world with a grid world can be like 25 by 25 squares. then you can sellect an object like a enemy tank fire thingy that tank has a number lets say 11 and you put it in square 7X,6Y then you have 7,6,11 so X,Y,what object and with a share button you can get a list of these coordinates like this 7,6,11; 8,19,1; and so on


Forever the best Tank-Game ;D


I have to correct myself: "Still the best Tank-Game!" ;D


There are some problems: the tanks can get stuck when they switch sides of the world. Also the enemy tanks have unlimited ammo and better aim. But cool game, and i will come back to play some more!


Thank you for commenting. I am glad about hearing, that. The infinite ammo of the enemy tanks intended, so that the player can't wait until they don't have ammo anymore. And at the beginning the enemies may have a better aim, but you can upgrade yours. I don't wanted it to be too easy.


Are you still working on this? and is there a chance that you will release the source code>?


No I don't work in on it anymore. If you want to see the sourcecode, send an email to, but I warn you, it's very ugly code! Your idea of the Level-Editing sounds very interesting and might be possible, but I don't have time and delight to make it, sorry for that. I finished up with this project. It is my first game at all and working with the code is awful enough to make a remake instead.. sometimes... maybe, but I suppose when I will do, I won't use Greenfoot anymore.


theres a nullpointerexception

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