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100th sc
Ok. I'm fine with the sound because I can just turn it off.
excuse my capitals.
I'm afraid to play this in the worry I'll die and slenderman will show up really close to the camera like in the real video game BECAUSE THAT PART SCARED ME FOR LIFE!
I like the idea! If you want the balloons to pop when they hit the green stick, you can read the tutorials. they explain how to remove objects when another class touches them.
Great game, but a bit slow. It would be nice if things moved quicker.
I found a glitch: when you buy something, you keep on using it until you can't afford it. Nice game, though! I like the idea!
I understand your point, but I'd rather have a pop-up message. Thank you for the info, though!
I don't know how to program an error message or how to stop everything, so until I find that out, the game won't tell you if you won or lost. Just try to keep you're swarm from disappearing.