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Greenfoot back

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FlyingRabidUnicornPig presents ...


Slender 2D

An idea I came up with the other day. Yes, I will be ditching the chess game and the mushroom game (for now) while I work on this.

So far, all I've gotten is the dark room (it's pretty big, explore! Note: you won't find anything interesting...), Slenderman, and the player (don't ask why it's a phone)

You can move as the player. You can sprint for a little bit, but if you sprint for too long, you'll slow down for a while. You can look around with the mouse. Collect all the pages and avoid slenderman to win (working on win sequence and slenderman moving)

In the future:
- Slenderman moves
- Structures like mazes around pages/where slendy likes to hide

- Pages will spawn in unreachable areas or too close to the player at the beginning

Thanks to danpost for the beam, to SPower for the scrolling world, and to mjrb4 for the FPS counter.

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed May 01 03:09:33 UTC 2013 - New Intro - Slenderman Teleports - When you get to close and have no pages - and/or everynow and then - Tracker to find slenderman - Don't worry, I will remove these in the final version. Kinda ruins the game.


How do you run?


you know, instead of the checkCollision() you can do ifMouseClicked() or something like that when the light is shined on the paper
@MrMason99 You run by pressing shift. Also, I was planning on making a mouseClicked() method for the paper, but I never got to it. I started focusing on the challenge scenario for this month, but now I have a huge final project for AP Computer Science (yes, it's a game) that I'm currently working on now. I may get back to this game later, but I have classes to worry about first.


Why is it a phone =)
I was using the pictures that came with greenfoot until i went to make my own graphics. The picture was the one that i thought would be the best as a character, compared to the others (and wasn't already the man). I never finished the game either, so it forever stays as a phone.


Good implementation of the slender game! Although I think it's very hard to find Slender himself, because the world is so big and you move slow. You might want to increse the moving speed a bit. And thank you for using my Scrolling World scenario (you're so far one of the few people who understood it without questions! Great work!)


Btw, to fix the bug where you can't read the pages, do something like this: [code]int x = Greenfoot.getRandomNumber(getFullWidth()-getWidth())+getWidth(); int y = Greenfoot.getRandomNumber(getFullHeight()-getHeight())+getHeight(); addObject(new Page(), x, y); [/code] This code assumes it is in a subclass of ScrollWorld.


Whoops, just realised, the x and y should be this: [code]int x = Greenfoot.getRandomNumber(getFullWidth()-getWidth())+getWidth()/2; int y = Greenfoot.getRandomNumber(getFullHeight()-getHeight())+getHeight()/2; [/code]
Thanks! If I ever get back to this, I'll use that. Don't know why I didn't think of that before, makes perfect sense!

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