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Did something break? I get an error on the initialization (after run and before I ever see anything). Caused by: access denied ("" "" "connect,resolve")
Wow! I admire your ingenuity and productivity with these projects. - what higher level courses have you taken at NAU? - do you use greenfoot for class also? - what kind of software development do you hope to do when you graduate? Games? - do you already have a job or grad school lined up?
Nice game.
@bourne, That link for setting Java policy worked for me. Many thanks!
@steved, Sorry about that. I'll edit the description. It is a school project of my daughter's. A simulation. It's not ready for prime time, but she wanted to share it with her class and teacher through the gallery. It is a follow on to "pack of runners".
So it's not so much UserInfo as UserScenarioInfo or ScenarioInfo ;l )
danpost, bourne, We don't need to save a file, just read it, like the browser does. I think applet permissions can be configured for specific benign reading, but I understand wanting to be super safe. Can I write a scenario to store a string (the Java greep code) in UserInfo that can be accessed (only) by the "UserInfo Greeps" scenario? If, so, any user so inclined can write a scenario that includes their greep code in a string variable and when run in the Gallery copies that string to UserInfo. (The scenario should of course not include source). The "UserInfo Greeps" scenario would then load code from this string (possibly via a seperate "load" option). If that could work, a utility class could be developed, which users include in their local Greep development environment which has methods to save the Greep code in a variable in a java file for and load it from that "file" into the UserInfo variable.
danpost, I tried it out using the Java URL Class. It fails if run on this site and works OK run from my machine. See my scenario called "test". At what level/layer is just getting a file disallowed (e.g. Greenfoot, server, firewall,...) Aren't you a superuser of sorts?


Bourne, Had to check URL reading myself. As you suspected, this works locally but not here on the site. Test accessing file via using Java's URL Class. The first two operations (below) do not throw exceptions (as evidenced by the crude output of move(100). The third does (actor did not move last 100). url = new URL(""); move(100); URLConnection conn = url.openConnection(); move(100); // open the stream and put it into BufferedReader BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader( new InputStreamReader(conn.getInputStream())); move(100);