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danpost, How about the following? Create a 2nd load option into which you enter the url (e.g. on a google drive with public access) of the greep java code. That code is then retrieved and put into the scenario screen as if it were typed.
mik, Wouldn't you want Switch.setState() to change the image also. I made the following change locally: /** * Set this switch to on or off. * * @param on If true, set to on. Otherwise set to off. */ public void setState(boolean on) { if ( up != on ) { toggle(); } }
mik, your switch is wired backwards ;-) /** * Check whether the switch is currently on or off. * * @returns True, if the switch is currently set to "on" (the 'up' position); false otherwise. */ public boolean isOn() { return !up; }
@bourne, Thanks for the response. I did find a keyboard emulator (WinKeySim) but I am wary of installing these kind of apps as others must be also. The online score keeping greeps is a great idea. Can you think of any way to have users submit java files? It would not have to be interactive, since users can do that locally. For example, have an email address to which one can send a java file from ones registered email address and get a reply with the results as well placement in high scores and userinfo.
Duta, Since your granting wishes, is it possible to make it so that one can grab and move the tie down points? Where/how is the "viscosity" effect implemented? I think it's too "stiff" now. Thanks again for the contribution.
Super cool! Perhaps, the "air" should have a little more viscosity. When wind is turned off, it swings almost forever.
Please give more detail on how to use JOptionPane or any other way (besides manually) to copy code into this scenario. I guess some sort of driver that emulates a keyboard at a low level should work.
SPower, did you mean to leave out the source?
Very cool. Shows the versatility of OO design and a good greenfoot design. There is a small bug. If you overlap the two small worlds and click back and forth between them they get "stuck" so that you can't move the bottom one. You have to go to the top one and drag it a bit to unstick them. It happens if they are not overlapped, but it's harder to tell when it's not working. Also, it has to be running. You can drag the screens when it's paused, but the "top" window doesn't change and it doesn't get stuck.