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Scenarios tagged: man

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play PacMan
plays 14066 / votes 3


by Douggresham, 2015/3/2

play Simple Games
plays 12724 / votes 0

Simple Games

by Master_of_Programming, 2009/11/27

Pac Man and Snake

play Archerman
plays 7593 / votes 8


by SamSkinner, 2009/11/18

Battle your way through the evil Castle.

play Purple Piggy Game (Farm Frenzy)
plays 6219 / votes 0

Purple Piggy Game (Farm Frenzy)

by purplepiggy, 2009/5/19

A game about a purple side of ham with legs.

play Mr Cubeman's Maze
plays 5063 / votes 15

Mr Cubeman's Maze

by steved, 2013/6/4

AVOID THE WALLS! (no really, avoid them)

play Desktop Physics
plays 4584 / votes 1

Desktop Physics

by jamiemaher, 2010/1/20

Get the man to the door

play Jump Man
plays 4444 / votes 6

Jump Man

by tuogex, 2012/12/5

Jump Man! Fighter of the Stand Man!

play UltraCheetahMan
plays 3344 / votes 2


by caug37, 2010/11/28

A daring battle

play The Java Man's Adventures
plays 3217 / votes 5

The Java Man's Adventures

by Markin2000, 2012/6/6

The fun game that creeping the world!