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SamSkinner presents ...



A work in progress.

Thanks for any help, feedback, or ideas. :)

-Added smoke effect to arrows.
-Added level 5 with a new background.
-Fixed some glitches.

UP ARROW to jump.
F to shoot.

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Tags: game demo arrow man archer archerman knight ranger castle guard

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so long as the arrow is removing itself at the end instead of resetting, you only need the direction and and a life time for the arrow. You can use MTK's code for the direction, and then add to the constructor public Arrow(double angle, int life){ = life; this.angle = angle; } Then in the act method, have a timer variable increment each act and when it is the same as life, then remove the arrow.


Why do you need a life time?


You need a lifetime if you want the arrow to stop eventually! Otherwise you can just wait until it hits the edge of the world and remove it then. If there is no time at which it is removed, then you wind up with too many arrows :P


Isn't it supposed to stop only if it hits the edge or another object?


Minor error in level 3. The archer on top of the box can be killed but arrows still keep firing!
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Yes a good game.

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