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Scenarios tagged: danpost

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play Equal Circle Divisions
plays 210 / votes 1

Equal Circle Divisions

by danpost, 2022/8/31

A circle is divided into from 1 to 60 equal areas.

play NewPong2
plays 249 / votes 0


by ronald, 2022/6/4

play NewPong
plays 417 / votes 0


by ronald, 2022/5/26

play Bounce Demo
plays 552 / votes 1

Bounce Demo

by danpost, 2022/2/18

Demo of ball bouncing off angled surfaces (triangles).

play Flying Letters Demo
plays 1094 / votes 2

Flying Letters Demo

by danpost, 2021/10/26

Actors (letters) fly into place (and out)

play Bouncing Bullets Tank AI Demo
plays 1254 / votes 1

Bouncing Bullets Tank AI Demo

by danpost, 2021/4/13

Demo of shooting AI for bouncing bullets.

play UserInfo Demo
plays 802 / votes 2

UserInfo Demo

by danpost, 2020/11/3

A quick demo.

play Time on Your Hands Demo (REMAKE)
plays 682 / votes 0

Time on Your Hands Demo (REMAKE)

by Just_in, 2020/11/3

By Danpost, watched him out

play Polar Curves
plays 912 / votes 3

Polar Curves

by danpost, 2020/7/20

Stars, circles, flowers and more.