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Scenarios tagged: danpost

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play Kara Sokoban 108
plays 3136 / votes 2

Kara Sokoban 108

by danpost, 2016/5/9

108 sokoban puzzles

play Kara Hexoban
plays 4337 / votes 4

Kara Hexoban

by danpost, 2014/1/19

A group of hexagonal puzzles. Work-in-progress uploaded for comments/suggestions.

play Door World Entry Demo
plays 3968 / votes 2

Door World Entry Demo

by danpost, 2013/11/5

Demonstration of using actor objects as door (or portals) to different worlds. Location dependent.

play Switcheroo
plays 2281 / votes 1


by danpost, 2017/10/3

Solve the puzzle.

play UserInfo Demo
plays 1353 / votes 2

UserInfo Demo

by danpost, 2020/11/3

A quick demo.

play Time on Your Hands Demo (REMAKE)
plays 1166 / votes 0

Time on Your Hands Demo (REMAKE)

by Just_in, 2020/11/3

By Danpost, watched him out

play Kaleidoscope
plays 3380 / votes 1


by danpost, 2012/4/13

Fun fractal image design patterns

play Dual-method Locator
plays 3222 / votes 3

Dual-method Locator

by danpost, 2013/10/11

The actors will all point toward the mouse at closest 45 degree angle. Simple code.

play Snake Demo 2
plays 5234 / votes 6

Snake Demo 2

by danpost, 2012/5/20

Just another user-controlled snake that roams the world and grows. Movement code in actor class.