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Scenarios tagged: danpost

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play MouseForce
plays 13769 / votes 34


by danpost, 2013/9/7

Move the mouse around and be amazed.

play Super Level Support Class
plays 5654 / votes 7

Super Level Support Class

by danpost, 2014/2/12

A superclass that supports world levels. Fully documented.

play 3d Iso Demo
plays 6788 / votes 13

3d Iso Demo

by danpost, 2015/12/21

Open and closed shapes in space.

play PIP Actor Class
plays 5115 / votes 10

PIP Actor Class

by danpost, 2013/5/22

A Picture-in-Picture 'world' actor.

play Animated Character
plays 4840 / votes 5

Animated Character

by danpost, 2014/12/6

A class that creates an animated walking/jumping character.

play World Changing Demo
plays 10629 / votes 5

World Changing Demo

by danpost, 2012/6/8

Demo on going between worlds; a Menu world is included

play Viral Spiral Polygons
plays 3591 / votes 5

Viral Spiral Polygons

by danpost, 2013/10/6

Jointed arms drawing multi-colored patterns.

play PorkPug test
plays 1632 / votes 0

PorkPug test

by Graankoker, 2017/12/4

play Value Display Tutorial
plays 11291 / votes 12

Value Display Tutorial

by danpost, 2015/9/2

Tutorial showing how a value can be displayed