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Scenarios tagged: conway

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play Game of Life (Conway's)
plays 5869 / votes 5

Game of Life (Conway's)

by danpost, 2012/8/31

My sim of Conway's Game of Life with special features.

play Conway's Life
plays 5685 / votes 4

Conway's Life

by tkiesel, 2009/4/10

Conway's Game of Life in Greenfoot

play conways game of life
plays 2090 / votes 0

conways game of life

by Skalli, 2017/10/11

a cellular automaton

play Game of Life
plays 3190 / votes 1

Game of Life

by Super_Hippo, 2015/3/31

Simulation of the classic Conway's Game of Life

play Game of Life Type2
plays 3199 / votes 1

Game of Life Type2

by danpost, 2012/12/12

A one-world no-actor take on Conway's Game of Life.

play The Game Of Life
plays 3848 / votes 0

The Game Of Life

by jdl8, 2010/11/9

John Conway's Game of Life