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Scenarios tagged: button

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play GreenGUI
plays 531 / votes 1


by edparrish, 2017/11/26

Basic GUI for Greenfoot

play ThE THraeAdY GaMe
plays 420 / votes 0

ThE THraeAdY GaMe

by Venbha, 2017/8/7

Enjoy the thread

play Easy-To-Use-Button
plays 647 / votes 1


by Busch2207, 2017/5/1

A Button-class which is easy to use!

play Menu Demo
plays 8560 / votes 6

Menu Demo

by danpost, 2012/6/18

A dual class menu and button demo. A Menu class with a Button class that creates both Button and Text objects.

play slidershooter
plays 659 / votes 0


by pradeep, 2014/12/30


play GUI Components
plays 9701 / votes 17

GUI Components

by bourne, 2013/3/1

Reusable GUI components. (TextBox, Menu, ListBox, Window, etc.)

play Puzzling
plays 2765 / votes 9


by JetLennit, 2013/4/6

A Puzzle

play Survive!
plays 1832 / votes 4


by MentalBrink, 2013/5/5

Survive long enough to collect 6 runes.

play Timed scrolling
plays 2734 / votes 1

Timed scrolling

by danpost, 2012/7/4

6 worlds with different tile counts to make the scrolling background, giving frames per second.