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MatheMagician presents ...


Interactive Landscape

This is a demo of a scrolling, interactive world where you can play the part of a wombat. Use the arrow keys to move and space to jump.

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Tags: physics demo with-source scrolling

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sat Feb 09 01:05:18 UTC 2013
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sat Feb 09 12:45:11 UTC 2013


could you make the world bigger


You can make the world as big as you want. Where the code says GreenfootImage back = new GreenfootImage("Cave.png"); Just replace Cave.png to whatever the name of your file is.


The code will automatically adjust the parameters to the new image.


I found a bug, you can jump into the ceiling


Thanks for mentioning that Game/maniac. I will try to fix it as soon as possible.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed Feb 20 00:29:51 UTC 2013 Fixed the bug.


Hey , this is really cool, and I know you are real good with physics and math so do you think you could figure out a way to have the character angle with the slope of the current ground beneath it, because I am thinking about making a dirt bike game, and I want it to have really nice physics so maybe you could help me out. I would need to calculate the mass with velocity in addition incline and the weight pulling down a slope, and making it jump into the air, keeping a proper path, and maybe like ragdoll type physics with bike tires and the rider. It is a huge challenge but I would like to attempt something like this.


@jrlowe, I am very sorry about how late I am getting back to you on this, but yes, I believe it wouldn't be to hard to make the rider rotate with the ground. I have though about creating a game similar to what you are considering. The hard thing about what you're mentioning would be the rag-doll physics - that would be very difficult. Perhaps I will implement the idea of rotating the actor to the ground in my scenario.

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