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danpost presents ...


Fractal Fun

Delve into the repetative world of fractals. Amazing patterns and awesome depth; with mouse and dual keyboard controls.

Three interesting locations are (reset for each; change only the parameters listed):
1) Gravity: 800; Contortion: 700; Zoom: 40
2) Gravity: -1400; Contortion: 700; Zoom: 115
3) Gravity: -1900; Contortion: -500; Zoom: 65
When I found this next one, I knew it had to be saved.
4) Gravity: -3800; Stretch: 800; Zoom: 85

Reset and change Translation to -2000 for the Mandelbrot set.

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Tags: simulation physics with-source keyboard math danpost fractal

This scenario is a member of: Fractals & Patterns by danpost

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in discussions you told me "Zoom: 80" by Fractal Fun (above) it says "Zoom: 85"


@Nosson1459, I probably updated the description before deciding on a slight variant for my icon. The controls screen (before starting the scenario) states that you can use the letter keys to perform quicker changes in values (10* for zoom and 20* for parameters -- shift for increase and no shift for decrease).


aha I figured out the z, g, and shift but I have to wait a long time after I press one of them


edit: ahha. I figured out...
Im new to greenfoot and I need help. I'm making a bullet hell game and I want to create patterns but I don't know how to make a bullet clone itself. This is what I have: [code] Public class bullet extends enemy { Public void act() { Int patternChoice = greenfoot.getRandomNumber(3); If ( patternChoice = 1) { for (int i = 1; i < 361; i++) { [/code] Pattern 1 is going to be a simple spiral that turns 360 degrees. Please tell me what I do!


@8BITBOSSGAMES, please start a discussion thread on your issue and give a detailed explanation of what you want your bullet(s) to do.


@8BITBOSSGAMES, I am sorry as I see you have done that (at least the first part of it).
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HTML5 takes way too long to calculate each image. Legacy version much better (or downloaded version).

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