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Support Classes by danpost

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Updated 2022/5/26

Some re-usable classes for various object types and functionality created by danpost. Quick Reference: Scrolling Scroller Class Demos (Scroller extends Object) [basic implementation for all types of scrolling worlds; recommended] Scrolling SuperWorld (SWorld extends World) [extensive implementation; limited and difficult to work with] Infinite Fixed Side-Scrolling SuperWorld (Scroll extends World) [saves location of actors outside world bounds] Easy Infinite Scroller Support Class (Scroll extends World) [uses wrapping of background image] Horiz/Vert/Univ Scroller (Scroll extends Object) [uses size of background image for limits of scrolling] Bee Quick (ImgScroll demo) [uses size of given background image for limits of scrolling or creates one of given dimensions and fills it with the given image] Object Support (World and Actor support) XWorld XActor Classes (XWorld extends World; XActor extends Actor)[adds helper methods to World and Actor classes] MapWorld SuperClass (MapWorld extends World) [used to create and implement world mappings] Hexagonal SuperWorld (HexWorld extends World) [used to implement an hexagonal world] Super Level Support Class (Level extends World) [used to assist scenarios using multiple world levels] 3D Motion Demo (ThreeD extends Actor) [gives actors apparent depth within the scenario window] Asteroids w/Improved QActor SuperClass (QActor extends Actor) [gives actors smoother movement and rotation] GQActor Superclass Demo (GQActor extends QActor) [adds gravity and drag to actors with built-in movement methods] Animation Support Class (Animation extends Object) [used to implement animation for World and Actor objects] Specialty Worlds Pause World Class (Pause extends World) [used to pause active world] Password Protection Class (Pass extends World) [used to lock an active scenario] TextFile Viewing World Class (TextFileViewer extends World) [used to view text files] Dialog Support Class (Dialog extends World) [used for interactive dialogs] Unique Actors Light Beam Class Demo [creates a beam of light in a range of angles] PIP Actor Class [creates a world inside the active world] Magnifying Glass Actor Class Demo [creates an actor that magnifies what is behind it] Fps Actor Class [displays the current rate of frames, or act cycles, per second] BGMusic Actor Class Demo [creates an object that controls background music for a scenario] ColorSelector and DropDownOptions [one creates a color selector actor; the other, a drop down menu actor] Progress bar/Health bar class (Bar class) [creates a bar object that represents a value within a range of values] Bar Subclasses (extends Bar class) [each subclass creates a different type of bar -- timer, checkbox, changeable value bar] Menu Demo [used with a Button class that has subclasses of Marquiss, Text, DelayButton and BlinkText] Clock w/BgInk Support Class [has a BgInk class that facilitates placing images on the world background] Calendar Actor Class [has an actor that shows any calendar month (changeable)] Miscellaneous Support Time on Your Hands Demo (Timer extends Object) [for internal counters and timers] TextImage Support Class (TextImage extends GreenfootImage) [for easy, versitile text images]

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