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bourne presents ...


Forgotten Road


Controls: WASD
1-4 to spawn types of vehicles at mouse location.
'R' to enter/exit vehicles
Click mouse or spacebar to shoot
For tanks, rotating gun follows aim on the mouse.

Endless path
Never got around to adding enemies

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Tags: game demo with-source tank helicopter random endless vehicle bourne generator

open in greenfoot

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Alright, you have my permission.


This has potential to be a really good game soon! Some ideas for later updates: -1: Let the soldier walk through trees. Not exactly. Well, let me explain: The trees are 3D or at least there look like this. You could add a log in the middle of each tree (under it, so you actually can't see it). Just a circle on the ground. You can't walk through the log but through the leaves. The soldier is of course under the leaves then. -2: Starting and landing of the helicopter. Would be nice if the helicopter has two phases. One in the air and one on the ground. Then you can prevent the helicopter from landing on trees for example. (Maybe a parachute for the soldier, if he exits in the air. The helicopter crashes and explodes then, of course. This is for a later update, I guess.) ;) -3: Start/Stop helicopter's engine. If no one is inside the helicopter, the helicopter's rotors (not sure if it is the correct word) should not turn.


Thanks bourne. :)


@Super_Hippo, Thank you. I will keep those ideas in mind when I get back to this.


How do you make the bullets come out of the gun? im trying to make a space game


Well it occurs at events such as a mouse or key press. When this happens, a new "bullet" is created and added to the World, at the appropriate location given the player's object location and rotation etc. Then the "bullet" acts - moving in the appropriate direction.


May I use the sprites in your game please?


The only sprites I own in my game here are the trees, fences, and path. You may use what you want.


ok :)


Nice man! I especially like the tracks that the tanks leave behind. Quite a solid bit of code!

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