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More tutorial scenarios would be nice to learn to use all the Lemmings abilities, specially sandbox scenarios where we can't fail.
This is a very logical themed game. A game of pure thinking, no fast movements, no time constraints. The graphics are awesome. The music sets the mood of the game very well. This is a very different game from most Greenfoot games. It is very well made and I have detected no bugs. Great Work!
Very addictive game. Great interest curve. Excellent skills vs. challenges curve. Cute and funny game theme. All game elements support the theme. Great interface. Very creative weapons. Excellent job!
Very nice effort in creating an educational game. Great user interface. Great theme and sound effects. Also the game play is quite challenging. Good job!
This game is quite challenging and the performance is pretty good. Very nice theme and sound effects.


Excellent game! Great art assets! Very good AI!
This is a great game! It plays way faster and with very nice background music when you download the executable version.
The last part of the game is not funny.
This is a great game! Very funny as well!