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How to play?

The Puzzle Game called Marbles is a multilevel game in which the balls moves as a chain and the player needs steady aim and shoot the same color bullet to match like-colored marbles in this puzzler. Shoot marbles using the mouse click or press the space bar to swap the marble bullets in the shooter, but be quick about it. If they reach the tunnel, it's game over.
There are about three Levels in the Marbles Game and the main difference between every level is that the complexity of the path and the number of balls that differ. The educational component that is implemented in the Marble game is the One Dimensional Array. The number of same colored balls that is hit will be added to the corresponding block in the Marble Array (displayed in the right side of the screen). The cell value at the given index is the number of balls that is being disappeared. If the number of the individual balls that are hit goes near to 7, 8 or 9, the array flashes to indicate that you are going to get Bonus points when it reaches 10. And when the number reaches 10 or >10, the Total Score increases by 10 points and the array is again Reset to 0. There is also another feature that is implemented, the penalty score i.e. if the bullet is shot away from the chain without touching any of the marbles in the chain, then the player get a penalty score of (-1) from the Total Score. If you hit any other marble in the chain of different color, then the penalty is bullet gets added to the chain. Once the player wins all the three levels, player wins the game and the Total score at every level will be given to the player at the end.

Where to play?
As the scenario is too large, I am not able to upload it on Greenfoot. Please click on the link below to play the game.

Source Code:

Use the link to download the source code.

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It does nothing for me! It says "Use HELP button for instructions", but there is no help button!


@MTK - As the scenario was too big, i was not able to upload it on greenfoot... Please click on the link in the description to play the game. Let me know if u have any difficulty.


Game looks good and thanks for posting the Code.


Good job! I really enjoyed this one.


A fun and quick game!


Very enjoyable game. Keep up the good work!


This game is quite challenging and the performance is pretty good. Very nice theme and sound effects.


wagwan bruthas


it is me jade goody back from the dead


my two sons james and Bradley are good too

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