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supermagicmilk presents ...


Delicious Tower Defense

-Click towers on the right and place them anywhere you want on the grid (even on the track if you want). Don't let balls get to the end of the track.

-Hover over towers to see their stats. Click towers already placed in the grid to upgrade them. Some towers gain special effects after a few upgrades.

-Apples shoot seeds for set damage.
-Bananas shoot lightning bolts which splash damage to nearby targets.
-Cherries explode after a set amount of time and lower the target's health to 3/4. Place them so that a ball passes over them when they go off.
-Ice cream slows down enemies and bunch them together.

-You will get a bonus 10% for your current funds at the end of the round, so spend wisely.

-Each wave ends when the blue bar at the bottom depletes. If no more enemies are present, you can click on the bar to skip to the next wave.

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I got owned at lvl 25! lol


Grrr always level 22!!! Pretty awesome tower defence game though. I like the original idea


LEVEL 25!!
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Tue May 03 06:06:37 UTC 2011 Added towers and adjusted difficulty. Added splash screen and music options.


Very addictive game. Great interest curve. Excellent skills vs. challenges curve. Cute and funny game theme. All game elements support the theme. Great interface. Very creative weapons. Excellent job!


You guys put a lot of time into this game and it shows. It is very well balanced and tons of fun! Keep up the great work.


A lot of effort was put into this game. Very fun and just plain funny! Seriously, cartons of milk.


Nice and interesting game. Very good incarnation of the "Robo Defense" game on android. Clean design. Highlights are game theme, music.

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