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aaaaaaaawesome i want to hit the like button again, great improvements i'd pay a dollar for this on the app store :)
PERFECT GAME pretty cool i noticed that it counts as a move if you pick up a piece but then drop it back in the same spot
i like it i suggest a short invincibility timer after you die. i got chain killed in one play and lost all my lives
i can't beat circe. shoots animals too fast
nice suggestion: 2 timers, one for player time, one for solver time...see if you can beat the logic time!


i think the way it works is getObjectsAtOffset or getOneObjectAtOffset, not sure which one then the parameters would be (x,y,Class) xy have to be different depending on if you're pushing up down left or right. class would have to be Obstacle.class or Tree.class or whatever you're using tip: if you want multiple types of obstacles, make them (ie tree, rock, river) subclasses of the superclass obstacle. maybe. i dunno
i couldnt get it to do exactly what i wanted. but this was close. essentially i wanted it to look like you're looking up at the sky, and it's raining, and you're sending a bunch of balloons up into the air, which pop and spray colors. thanks a lot tho, i had fun making it and i learned a lot (a lot of things would not work at all, and then some things was interesting)
i had fun. very nice graphics, flow, and controls. one way to fix the eagle's spinning at the world's edge is to add a "move(-5)" inside the if loop, but before the turn method. that way, it'll move the eagle away from the edge before turning.
awesome sim. this thing ran forever on my pc. one thing i noticed is that the RPG does not have it's own sound effect. perhaps you could include an rpg_fire and rpg_hit sound effect?