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also please make ur world smaller :)


oh boy, collision is a fun topic. i'm still uncertain of the best approach to collision, myself. from what i've heard, you want to take your "if downpressed, move down" method and add another check to it "if downpressed and objectAtTargetLocation != obstacle" does this help? if not i can go into detail
hesitating action? what do you mean. the speed seemed pretty good to me
amazing Now: create a tutorial!
Stops after each keypress. No animal appears. Sounds work fine
this is pretty good, it sets the table for on-screen display of score and lives, and gives a nice game-over screen
I'm having trouble finding a resource-efficient way of fading the background
one thing i see in games like these are "move counters" and "minimum moves required to complete"; as well as timers, these might be some nice additions
solid game!