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I would like to request u to add a mechanism which will highlight the new mails, which are not yet seen
I would like to tell u that its my 4th time to download the csv file to check who played my scenario. I downloaded it specially for u to see ur feedback and ur score. Thanks for feedback And about "Today u made my day" which i wrote it earlier Actually it was one of my wish i.e. i wanted u to play it atleast for once and today u fulfilled it Thanks for feedback and for trying it once!
I have only seen 1 scenario which was out of my mind i.e. 'Private messenger' made by danpost (actually i can't think that this type of scenario can also be made in this site) and now u made it To be honest, i never saw such quality work. Everybody should try it at once. U made me speechless by making such type of scenario. I wonder u may be my friend who is always ready to guide. Great work!!!!
Their are some text which is shown half Example "back"; here 'k' is hidden
@RcCookie Today u made my day!
Even if i m not able to copy it
13 !, Not bad And what do u mean by center those buttons! Do u mean i will replace my feedback button with ur inbox mechanism. If yes then i already thought of it.
Ich danke dir sehr!
By the way can u plz tell me the app name which you used )