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I know that u don't like to share anything about u in public...but its just a try
Do u have id in If yes, then would u like to share it And why most of the users were disabled who used ur same id name, profile pic and wrote the same description Is it illegal? I kept Michael Kolling pic before some days. But i was not disabled
@RcCookie, I am glad that u liked my button mechanism. But sorry becaz i took ur theme color i.e. dark gray(which u use in most of ur scenario as background color) And i already knew that u don't like games and u r not so creative in games By the way what ever it may be, but the only thing which makes me feel better is that u liked my button mechanism. Thanks again for feedback and commenting. And if anything makes u feel disgusting then kindly do comment it out!
U got a new inbox Hope u will take some time out to compose And I m shocked to see that no one is voting your scenario Its totally wierd for me
Will the user be able to see what i wrote I mean by downloading and clicking on csv file I realised it after some time and then i changed my greenfoot password immediately Plz don't laugh. Be honest
Ur students are so lucky to get such a great teacher!
Great implementation!
Thank u so much and also don't forget to read the message which i sent in 'messager'
Plz explain the latest mail briefly. And sorry if u r angry