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Private Messaging

This program allows you to communicate with up to 5 users. Each message will be sent to only one of the possible 5 (of course, of your choice). If you currently have 5 links and you wish to sent a message to someone else, you must clear one of those links.

Colors codes:
If a user's background color is RED: you are linked to them; but, they are not linked to you.
(if your communication is complete or the other user is being non-responsive, you may wish to clear this link)
If a user's background color is GREEN: you are both linked to each other.
If a users box is ON, there is a message waiting for you.
(old message may appear to be waiting, if your side of the link was cleared, but the other user's link is still active)

Just click on user's name to see last messages between you and them; and click the 'Compose' button to create/edit a message.

The 'Refresh' button has a delay of 20 seconds.

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Thought I messed up there for a second. No harm done. This is not the test scenario.


Now even when logged in, it says "Please login to continue".


@Nosson1459, sometimes the server is out. When you are logged in and it says "Please login to continue", just try again at a later time. (seems to be okay now)


Error. Click for details NullPointerException by SOME of these errors it works when downloaded, this I can't download and probably wouldn't help if I could (and it worked earlier today).


@Nosson1459, close and reopen your browser, log in and try again. I think if you refuse to run any scenario that no future ones will run on the same session.


but i dont think i ever refused one and its random ones at random times that dont work


@Nosson1459, I do not know what to tell you. Maybe its your browser; maybe it is something else. Sounds like the problem is at your end, however (but, I could be mistaken).


oh well thnx anyways


can you tell me how to create the walls and how to not let the player go through the walls

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