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Wow! U added a Level in the middle and the complete score after has been postponed.
There is a bug, when you drag a bimb and press 'r' the bomb won't be removed.
I'm using a code, Busch has written:
Hope that answered your question... :) If not, pls tell me! :)
mhh... the gravity... Well first I created a double parameter, that saves the y position (called yPosition and one, that saves the y-Speed (called ySpeed). then i rewrited the setLocation method to: setLocation(int x, double y){ super.setLocation(x,(int)y); yPosition=y;} and I added a method double getYPosition(){return yPosition;} and in my act-method is written: setLocation(getX(),getYPosition()+ySpeed); Then all I have to do for the gravity is raising ySpeed for 0.1 And if the up-key is pressed, I subtract 0.2 If you although want an x-move you have to do the same with x.


Great improvements!
I'll vote for this game, when a Highscore is addded! ;)
Thank you Busch! But you aren't bad, too! :D
I'm 1st Place! :D :D :D