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I'm working on it! But I always loose in the second or third round... -_-


It's nice, but it would be much better with a highscore!
Very lovingly made​​! Great game!
Well done! :) I'm just waiting for a Highscore.
This game seems to be good... But I've got a czech keyboard and so I can't jump, too... So I understand the problem of USBest.


Yes! You could save the name of the character-image-file to a String in the UserData.


The sound of the rocket starts playing, when the rocket disappears. And I've got an idea for the highscore! Maybe you could add an image of the character, the person used, to reach this score.(?)
If you mean, we have to download the source code of this simulation... You haven't published the source code... ;)
I mean, the score of the different levels has been postponed.