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I got the medal 'Sunday Stroll'! :D Description: (Manage a stage, after a weapon detector has recognized you)
I published the source code, now you can see, how I made it.
Could you add an highscore-list?
This is amazing! Even if it's not ready, now!
Sorry, but I can't find the source code any more...
Really very nice! But adding a high score would it really make very great!
And I give up... -_- For now! ;)
BAHM! :D I beat your score! :D It's a bit close, but I beat it! ;)


You can save highscores with the UserInfo-class! Following code I copyed from the scenario UserInfo ui_=UserInfo.getMyInfo(); // gets the UserInfo of the current user if(ui_!=null) // Checks, if a UserInfo could be called { ui_.setScore(Greenfoot.getRandomNumber(10001)); // sets the Score; // saves the score } It's not very complicated!