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Perhaps in the future we translate it
Thanks @juanhlb
It doesn't do anything. checking your MyWorld code, you didn't add any actors in the world. The line should be like this: addObject(new CodeMonkey(), 120, 140); checking your CodeMonkey code, it works fine, but has one problem. you set the image in the act method, so you are putting the same image over and over again. Create a constructor for your class public CodeMonkey() { setImage("CodeMonkey.png"); } or simply set the image using the right button in the class, and then use menu option "Set image..."
Thank U @IndifferentFace, I'll look into that problem
Thanks for all your comments. @wgilbert why you say that?
Muy buen juego! Mi Ășnico consejo es cambiar la tecla Shift por otra, para que Windows no moleste con eso de las teclas especiales.
May I suggest a change? In class Mobil instead of using turn(45), use setRotation(0); // right setRotation(180); // left setRotation(90); //down setRotation(270); //up and move(5); and you can delete the nested if -elses, arah variable and the setLocations


@Mik, I downloaded your game, and sends one Error. Class Board, method getGoldMarble(), Line: List<Actor> marbles = getObjects (GoldMarble.class); //incompatible types Solution, chance Actor to GoldMarble. I obviously don't think you made a mistake, I suppose the problem are Greenfoot or Java updates.