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What is the assignment about?
I was talking about the scenario. There was a temporary bug fix.
It looked like you changed something -- What was it?
Wouldn't the boolean be reset every time it's restarted? Along with overriding the World method started()?
I could look at it! Ask me if you want my email in case you want the code private.
Exactly. I had some mislabeling of stuff..... I meant "Logging into the Scenario" :P It's meant to count how many times you run the game. If you hit "reset", then all of the initialization is reset, so I just had to live with that. Now since I know how UserInfo works, then I could create a game that uses UserInfo to "log in" and get save data (Yipee!).
Oh yeah... I got confused the two names until I looked the Greenfoot Class Documentation when I got an unidentified class error.
You should still ad an AI for the ghosts chasing you at times.... At another Pacman game, I got trapped by two ghosts.
Hey, can you show how you did this? I am curious how your program is informed of what account is logged on and how you sent information from one user to another (Or store that information on the network until that user come on).