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All right, I need some help from you for a Fresh Programming Greenfoot Scenario. Devise a class that finds all the classes that implement interface A and creates an object of each class.
I like those dialogs you did! I'm going to try to do it myself!
I don't know why, but I think the blank screen should be color: FF 7D 00
Why is just an example so addicting?
I never knew credit card numbers use a special formula. Now frauders can decode this program to give a credit card number using this.
I win.
Stuck on Chapter 3. I have only the e-card near the private door. Why can't I just use my hammer on the enterance doors? XD It was freaky when I couldn't use my flashlight near the end of Chapter 2.
Never Mind. Not really dynamic.
Gunna use this for another scenario! Want a sneak peak?