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steved presents ...


platforms of meh

Your only objective is to get to the other side of the map!

Controls: Arrow keys or wasd to move lef and right spacebar to jump.

there are currently 20 levels and one bonus scrolling level. I will be adding more ASAP!

If you've beaten the game I require you to vote it, you guys put me on the 1st page of most popular!

I am aware of a few semi major bugs and I will be working on fixing them in the next few updates. They are: the bug with the vertical blocks, and the bug with disapearing blocks not disapearing. I finally fixed the bug with the moving blocks!


12475 views / 1357 in the last 7 days

28 votes | 0 in the last 7 days

Tags: game physics block gravity platform planet tree rock cute planetcute

open in greenfoot
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Do you hate people or something?? I played this for an hour and half STRAIGHT! This game is just adfgfsajsdhfghdjsk...seriously. Wow. Well done to you.


LOL really an hour and a half?!?! :D I'm glad you like it and no I don't hate people :D


I think the beginning of the game would be more fun if you could make it so the moving blocks take you along rather than walking on them to keep up. Also; I find the jumping controls to be a bit slippery.


Yeah I am probably going to release another update with a few tweaks bugfixes and more scrolling levels sometime but for now I am working on a new game (First version may be up in a month or so). It will be another platform game and it will be called the adventures of bob the cube. It also will have deliberately pixelated graphics (who doesnt love pixels :D). Thats all I'm going to give away other then the fact that it will be much bigger and better!


Out of curiosity when this month do you turn 14, just in case you get freaked out about me knowing its this month, it says that you turning 14 this month on your page.


I turned 14 on the 21st of march.


I'm not certain why your comment didn't show up before...


This is great!


Thanks. I haven't updated it in quite a while but I might after I finish my contest entries. There are still a few more bugs and I need to add 3 more scrolling levels. I should also probably re do the scrolling code so it runs faster...


You know what's a shame, ONLY 3 PEOPLE HAVE BEATEN THIS GAME SINCE THE LAST UPDATE, not including me...

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