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@Entity1037 Thanks! As to online gameplay, I think it would be very limited. In order for a java applet to access any data beyond the host of the applet (in this case, any data outside of the Greenfoot site, such as an online server or other computers) the applet has to be signed, and these applets are not. I did do an online multiplayer test with this scenario: What I did there was have each person's program constantly updating their own info in the UserInfo class (which is saved to the Greenfoot site) while constantly reading others' info back. The problem is that it is very slow (laggy) and would almost impossible to make a real-time game work online (a turn-based game could potentially work though!!!)
Note: The percent win rate will not work unless you are logged in
Well... I left the original file elsewhere, so I'll fix it on Monday... :(
Ack! You're right! I'll fix that right now (I know exactly what the problem is!)
Uh oh I just noticed a bug, but it should become fixed after everyone who has played the game before plays at least one more match. If this applies to you, play a quick game please!
I already have the OUYA devkit, and I will begin working on a port as soon as I get my OUYA. I know it can be done, the tricky part is getting eveything out of the Greenfoot interface and make my own for Android's interface.
I got down to 2 squares taking only 4 matches...
I made exactly 3 squares only taking 4 sticks, but the game forces me to take a 5th...
Whoops I just noticed a bunch of bugs to fix, namely the tier list (I put Mario instead of SuperMario, so he'll end up getting bumped to the bottom over time until I fix it).