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@Game/maniac: Thanks! The images actually took a long time (upwards of an hour per character) just to get every image correctly scaled and fluid (Sadly, Photoshop doesn't have a batch export to .gif option).
*Kankuro AI
The next update will go online tomorrow! I've made gameplay just a bit smoother and added Kankuro and Crow from the Naruto universe!
Sorry I wasn't able to update on Tuesday; I have been extremely busy recently! There are a few slight modifications, as well as a new character, coming very soon, but currently my time is very limited. Also, I can try to make an AI demo explaining different types of AI if I have time! How would you guys like that to be presented? A game with source code or a written tutorial with an example project?
I plan for the next update to arrive on Tuesday! Until then, try to beat the computer AI!
Also, if you have characters/stages that you'd like to see in the game, let me know!
Please leave any questions/comments/suggestions! I'd be glad to reply! And leave a "like" if you found this enjoyable or would like to see more added! Currently in progress: A new character from the Naruto universe (hint: puppet master) A boss battle (hint: Objection!)
I updated the description to show how; you tap the basic attack key on the menu until the circle is grey (you still have to select a character for the computer though).
The same way you turn auto-pilot on