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I've had some ideas for an easier AI option, where the AI won't try to block projectiles and won't optimize which attacks to use. As for falling through the floor, I'll put a vertical speed cap (I didn't realize I had forgotten this).
Oops! I think I accidentally put part of another character's AI in Crow! It should be fixed in the next update. Also, look forward to a new menu configuration and possibly some features for logged-in users!
There were a lot of changes/additions in this update, so check it out! Also, make sure to check out the strategy guide! I might work towards adding Pikachu (or some other electric pokemon) to the game because I could do some really interesting things with their skills.
If you haven't played since today's update, check it out! Now up to 4 players can play! (If you don't want all 4 players in a game just don't select any character with the remaining tokens). I also made some graphical changes to the menu, so check it out! And be sure to "like" this game; I've spent many, many hours working on it and I really appreciate feedback!
I'm not sure. My original plan was to add characters from lots of different games/game universes, and I already have Mario to represent the Mushroom Kingdom. I might consider replacing Metal Mario (Mario's alternate costume) with Luigi though.
Make it so you can't just hold down the key until it gets past the first line. Interesting idea though, could be cool for a typing game ;)
A new character is in the works with more interesting gameplay! I'm also working on character balances, so play against your friends and let me know who seems overpowered/underpowered!
The code has an insane number of commented lines because a lot of the dealings with midi and urls were trial-and-error/didn't go as planned. Thus, the code is kind of messy right now.
I realize more people would download if I put up the source but I am not comfortable with that at this time.