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GG Entity, Holy crap, that was really close :D Great game bourne!
thanks! I'll be working on implementing this into Greenfoot3D starting tomorrow or the next day, It'll be a great feature to have, and if I can figure out how to change permissions of the applet, I could make it work on the site as well. And your scenario will be in the description.
I was wondering how to use Robot! I didn't really look at it, I just knew using Robot would let you move the mouse with code.
that's an interesting idea, I hide little easter eggs in my source code every now and then, but i haven't thought of using codes inside my source code for another project.
Well, I wanted them to stay longer, but it lags a lot on slower computers (like my craptop), so I set it in a why where it can still look good, while running well on slower computers.
Well, like normal minesweeper, it will turn all the flags/empty spaces that contained mines and show you the mines, does the same thing if you hit one bomb. Much more noticeable in the offline version, where you can change the amount of bombs, the size, etc.
The game was not boring, just the misuse of reversing time.
Should work on the reversing time a bit. Cool feature, but can completely misuse it. I made a giant wall of pulse cannon bullets and had them floating around the rock spawn, it was quite boring actually, not dying...
It does if you elephant it....