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FlyingRabidUnicornPig presents ...


Zombies like Mice

Decided to make a Beginner challenge at last minute. Will be adding more to this later.

You play as two of the last few surviors on earth. The zombies have killed everyone, but you, and your weird pointer friend. You are immune from the zombies effects, but your friend is not. Help your friend run away by shooting the zombies, and moving the mouse to move the friend. Watch out, after a hundred bites, your friend will surely die.

aswd - Move the player
space - shoot pisol
f - shoot shotgun
mouse - move the pointer friend

Tip: play with two people, one with the mouse, and one with the player.

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Tags: mouse game with-source zombie c7o13b

open in greenfoot

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed Oct 30 03:30:00 UTC 2013 (Don't Know why I didn't add this before) Made mouse light up if attacked, and it lights up the zombie attacking it (may add cool fade affect instead of blinking)
*sniff* your trolling affects me so much.... DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TIME I SPENT IN TO THE "PHYSICS" 10, maybe 20 MINUTES!!! THAT WAS 10/20 MINUTES OF MY LIFE TO GIVE YOU SOMETHING AMAZINGLY COOL!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT I'M GOING TO DO?? DO YOU!!!! I'M GOING to ignore you're trolling efforts and make a comment about how stupid it is. And then stop replying to anything else you have to say.


Do you mean me or GreenFootWizard2.0, whose profile and comment got deleted?


What has he said? I wondered first, why my comment leads to such an exaggeration o.O
He said that my physics was terrible. Just a troll trolling.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed Nov 20 01:45:07 UTC 2013 I got bored and added some stuff. Added a small trail to blood bits. Increased Performance on slower computers.


Blood Smears! You might want to make the smears stay a little longer though. Also, just curious, but do you plan to add anything else major, like upgrades or gamemodes? It's fine as it is, it's just kinda fun to make your own gamemodes. I enjoy playing Golden Gun, where I let the mouse get down to 1 health and see how long I can last. Still, cool game!
Well, I wanted them to stay longer, but it lags a lot on slower computers (like my craptop), so I set it in a why where it can still look good, while running well on slower computers.


This is cool.

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