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Cause the bacon poisoned you...
Cool, if you could somehow make this run smoother that would be pretty awesome!
Also, with latest update, the text only moves if you are moving.
Yah, I hate noticing my stupid mistake after the next piece...
I suck at this.
Sure, I'll do that, I wanted to upload source with the demo, but if you could help out, that'd be great. I should explain thoroughly what the problems really are: So I want the locked objects to move around the object they're locked onto when it rotates, and it mostly works, it's just that it'll go much faster on the top half or bottom half (depending on what way it's rotating), and also, if the objects are really close to the one they're following, they'll stop moving around the object directly to the right of it. I sorta understand why this happens (move(), even after making it work with double values in SmoothMover) but whenever I try to use the trigonometry that works on paper to find the next spot to move to, it doesn't work when I code it out in greenfoot. Also, the object doesn't rotate as well as it should, for example, it should always have one part of the object facing the center object, and it sorta does, until it goes to the faster part. You'll find the rotation part of the code in LockActor.class There's probably other problems I haven't noticed, but I've only screwed around with using FollowWorld, and that's what I've noticed. Everything works well, but rotating around the object. Thanks for your help!
How did you get IGN to review your game?!?!