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@Kageryu U shuld lern ow 2 anglash. lyfe ill be eayer nce yew dew.
There is an error with the language. Rather than "Graphics are created" Try "Graphics are being created"
You should include controls on the description as I cannot figure out how to open doors.
Does it only have on level? I killed all the pests and it's not moving on.
This is great and all; but you could do quite a bit to make it look more like a Caterpe. Also; the Gun is a bit OP. Finally; add more levels.
I think the beginning of the game would be more fun if you could make it so the moving blocks take you along rather than walking on them to keep up. Also; I find the jumping controls to be a bit slippery.
It's too short and it's a bit complicated. Maybe you could point out where the ball is at, and make the cart work properly.