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Thanks! That is much better. Thank you. Now working to beat your score. XD
Its been said before; but this reminds me of tron; but its just a cubeland clone. Other than the coloration there is nothing unique about it.
280. Beat that. This game is great; but the yellow tiles are a bit hard on the eyes. Make the tile red; and the snake Yellow.
Oh my gosh yes. This is fantastic! I feel like so much could be done here! But I was laughing the whole time. This is very unique. Well done.
Overall; this is a nice game, but it's not unique. I loved how you have to keep clicking on one block to add it to your inv; and the lighting effect was a nice touch; but I feel like something is missing here. I kinda want to see more work done here as this is basically Minecraft 0.7. Keep up the good work though.
How about you change the controls to WASD AND the arrow keys? A = Left D= right S= Shockwave (now that just makes sense) W = Melee. And then, Left to aim left; Right to aim right; Up to move right; down to move Left. Me being a gamer; I'm used to using WASD and the Arrow keys whist playing a game; and I think the controls would be less awkward if you did.
Losing was the best part here. That made me laugh. Kudos there. I'm not sure what happens when you run into a meteor; but you might want to make of that. Great program.
Overall; this is a great a great game. I have only one issue, and maybe it's here on purpose but is there supposed to be a large gap with no cubes during random times?