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Builderboy2005 presents ...



I made a simple 3D reflex game. Use the arrow keys to move and try to avoid hitting the circles. You have three lives.

Good luck!

-Changed the perspective to look more 3D
-Added motion blur. Press T to increase and y to decrease
-Removed Highscore functionality because it stopped working
-Added a fun tilt effect
-Increased the starting depth of the circles

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Tags: game with-source race reflex

This scenario is a member of: Scenario showcase, 3D, High Scores

open in greenfoot
Your browser does not support the canvas tag.
I fixed it, But the "flash" things are removed for it to function. I hope they were not important.


@TheAwesomePuppy404 What did you fix? You don't have any scenarios to fix, and this scenario wasn't made by you nor did it have any recent updates.
it was broken


I seem to have forgotten to vote/like this scenario ever since I became my own user. The last three Nosson1459 comments are by me.


What do you mean the scenario was broken? You didn't change anything pertaining to this scenario by any other user. It's possible that you're playing around with Java and your browser's settings but nothing was changed.
i fixed it in greenfoot it was old and broken because of updates


It worked/works fine by me.
but i opened it in greenfoot, not on my browser


So now you got it to work in Greenfoot Version 3.1.0 (you're not the only one). Why does that have anything to do with other users running the scenario?


Really creative and addicting!! Great work!!

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