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I do have a lot of tutorials I've being going off of as help, as well as the LWJGL and Slick.
So far I have a working game window, tile mapper, and the begginning of the Actor stuff, along with a moving test enemy (it just moves in a line, but it's a start!). At the moment I'm seting up all of the classes for in game objects, and other things. I'm kind of trying to make a similar set up to Greenfoot's actor and world classes.
I just now found your comment. I'm working on a physics engine in Eclipse right now for my Independent Study Technical Applications class, so no.
>.> Overall, this probably *only* *took* about 5 hours to program*.*
Overall, this probably about 5 hours to program
It tends to spawn more astronauts on the top then it does for the aliens.
This doesn't create lag on my school's computers...
This game is really fun!
What is the shoot button. o.e