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Greenfoot back

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Now THIS is awesome! Its amazing how you can create a 3-d effect with just dots! Seriously this is amazing.
Too many fast shooters = game break due to spamming of sound effects.
Time to add some physics to this game and make me a greenfoot/minecraft/terraria hybrid!
I got the ball stuck by trapping it with the side of the paddle against the side of the window. It just spazzes out repeatedly making the pop sound. Lol fix your game actinium.
You move with the arrow keys, not aswd. You should fix that.
You should be able to control how high you jump by holding down the w key. It would make this game feel more smooth.
I almost forgot, here are the controls: Move: asdw Throw Bomb: Spacebar One more thing: when you defeat the boss the game doesn't tell you you win, but you do. I forgot to add in text for that. Sorry!