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Super_Hippo wrote ...


Is the search function on the website working properly?

Super_Hippo Super_Hippo


I just tried to find a discussion via the search option. However, I couldn't find it, saw it on the first page then and was messing with the search function for a bit. The discussion I tried to find was Javascript (HTML 5) conversion of scenarios, so after already finding it I searched for "conversion of scenarios", it does find Automatic Javascript conversion of Scenarios but not the one above. It also happens to other discussions that when you search for the title, you can't find it. Example: "paceman problems" should find paceman problems, but doesn't. Same thing for most other titles. Could it be that it only tries to find matches with the content of the discussions and not with the title? And if yes, is that wanted? Not so important notes, probably not worth to mention, but... yeah: - clicking on the loupe (hopefully the correct word) searches for "Search" which is there when nothing was written into the search box - searching for nothing (= empty search box), finds everything ordered by time
davmac davmac


I'll look into this soon(ish). It could just be an indexing problem (there's an index for the search which is supposed to updated every few hours), I'm not sure. Thanks
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