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Scenarios tagged: west

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play Billy the Kid vs Pat Garret
plays 2886 / votes 1

Billy the Kid vs Pat Garret

by Advenging, 2011/7/30

play Chess
plays 2097 / votes 0


by icegecko11, 2011/6/6

An old-time favorite

play asteroids by Kuemmel
plays 3366 / votes 1

asteroids by Kuemmel

by MrKuemmel, 2010/11/24

Kuemmel's asteroids

play Eat Burgers
plays 1714 / votes 1

Eat Burgers

by JIMMYSTORCK, 2010/9/17

Two player game with walls

play little-crab
plays 2664 / votes 0


by acahill, 2010/9/17

must avoid starfish

play little-crab
plays 6300 / votes 0


by vulcanmario, 2010/9/17

Multiplayer little-crab with game over screen and animation

play little-crab
plays 1460 / votes 0


by PSekulski, 2010/9/17


play Look out for smileys
plays 1452 / votes 0

Look out for smileys

by jcraiha, 2010/9/17

Help the lobster get the pumpkins while evading the treacherous smiley faces.

play little-crab
plays 1545 / votes 0


by LaurenRosenstock, 2010/9/17

adds Object- Pig spawns Lobsters