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Scenarios tagged: physics

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play Hanoi
plays 3944 / votes 6


by Duta, 2012/4/2

The Towers of Hanoi puzzle!

play RockSmashCodyDemo
plays 2998 / votes 3


by Morran, 2012/3/27

RockSmash with a Mohawk

play Rainbow Keyboard
plays 2348 / votes 1

Rainbow Keyboard

by Sneaky4296, 2012/3/27

An exploding keyboard of fun!

play Timer
plays 12843 / votes 0


by Duta, 2012/3/25

A simple countdown timer

play Newtons Lab Level 2 (v2.0)
plays 4348 / votes 2

Newtons Lab Level 2 (v2.0)

by DHoffman94, 2012/2/29

play The Adventures of Professor Cane (Game)
plays 999 / votes 1

The Adventures of Professor Cane (Game)

by Edward, 2012/3/19

Verson 1. Best Game In The World!!

play Throwing things
plays 3662 / votes 4

Throwing things

by Duta, 2012/3/10

Just something I threw together (if you'll pardon the pun)

play Colors v4.2
plays 1122 / votes 0

Colors v4.2

by Duta, 2012/3/13

Make colors by moving your mouse

play Grapher
plays 2253 / votes 0


by Duta, 2012/3/4

Make and display graphs in Greenfoot!