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Scenarios tagged: levels

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play PacMan
plays 5764 / votes 0


by bourne, 2013/5/5

A text-based pacman first programed in a listbox in Visual Basic (using MS Visual Studios)

play Survival
plays 2059 / votes 0


by Balathasar, 2013/10/10

play Zombies!
plays 2452 / votes 2


by Balathasar, 2013/10/10

play Wombat Puzzles
plays 15120 / votes 12

Wombat Puzzles

by Zamoht, 2012/6/16

A total of 60 challenging levels! Are you intelligent enough to complete the game?

play Multiple levels example
plays 7015 / votes 1

Multiple levels example

by Duta, 2013/6/12

An example of how to implement multiple levels

play Dweeby's Adventure WIP!!!
plays 1397 / votes 0

Dweeby's Adventure WIP!!!

by Bromoso, 2013/6/4

play Pushy Woman
plays 4453 / votes 7

Pushy Woman

by danpost, 2013/4/25

Keep your woman from getting too pushy. Guide the woman through the levels. Less pushy, more score.

play BeltLine Run
plays 3215 / votes 4

BeltLine Run

by cgaines1, 2013/4/2

Atlanta Beltine Run

play Maze Game - 3 levels!
plays 3993 / votes 1

Maze Game - 3 levels!

by greenwind, 2012/3/18

Help the baby get to the milk