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Balathasar presents ...



You wake up to screams. What is going on?

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Tags: game with-source adventure levels zombies epic action albino epicalbino etc.

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Pretty good for one of your first scenarios. (By the way, really like you're sprites) I recommend you make it that the bullets come from the gun, instead of where the mouse is.


It is acctually one of my old things, but thank you. I am trying to back into them, but am having trouble. Maybe you could help. I saved the .jar files but not the scenario itself. I am now opening the .jars but cannot edit code. Why is that? Thanks!


There are a few mistakes with the last thing, sorry its late. *actually *I am trying to go back into them..
Because the .jars are Compiled versions of your code. They are written a way that only java can read, and then convert that into something the computer can read. It's not meant for human reading. Yes, you can open .jars in greenfoot, but you can't edit them, because greenfoot doesn't know what to do with the illegible code. If you want to remake the scenario, you'll have to start from scratch.
It looks like you have some great ideas for greenfoot, it'd be cool to see what you make next!


Acht Shade! Oh well better luck next time. Thanks though.

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