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Scenarios tagged: jumping

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play Animated Character
plays 4775 / votes 5

Animated Character

by danpost, 2014/12/6

A class that creates an animated walking/jumping character.

play Mario Jumping Game
plays 4707 / votes 0

Mario Jumping Game

by tomdragon, 2014/5/17

4 player Mario jumping action game!

play robot
plays 3463 / votes 0


by Lazy^^, 2012/10/18

play Noodle Jump
plays 3049 / votes 3

Noodle Jump

by Jerrxu, 2013/6/17

Please don't sue me.

play Balloon Jump
plays 3424 / votes 1

Balloon Jump

by drhorriblejr, 2012/2/8

Simple...but still cool

play Greene's Quest2
plays 4276 / votes 2

Greene's Quest2

by sunshinehombre, 2009/8/18

Greene was kidnapped from his home. Help him get back!

play Pyramid
plays 3225 / votes 0


by MiniBoBomb, 2012/5/10

A 2D Egyptian-themed side-scroller adventure game

play Tom's Game
plays 2622 / votes 0

Tom's Game

by tom1895, 2013/6/18

Jumping Platform Game

play platformer
plays 2033 / votes 0


by grantquake10, 2016/12/5

bop bop