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Scenarios tagged: java

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play TripleH
plays 24391 / votes 39


by Herman, 2011/7/4

Move, jump and collect. Beware of the hens!

play Super Mario Galaxy 2D
plays 9019 / votes 1

Super Mario Galaxy 2D

by AirboundPizzapuss, 2010/4/27

Collect many coins and get to the Star!

play Simple Shooter Game
plays 8327 / votes 0

Simple Shooter Game

by Hyua, 2016/5/24

Simple Shooter Game

play PolarRush
plays 8243 / votes 1


by bonana, 2013/1/15

eat fish, avoid the shark

play The Java Man's Adventures
plays 4038 / votes 5

The Java Man's Adventures

by Markin2000, 2012/6/6

The fun game that creeping the world!

play The Seeker and Protector
plays 4011 / votes 0

The Seeker and Protector

by Johanc22, 2011/6/14

Multi-level out the objects without getting sent back by the enemies. Have your friend play as your protector!

play Traffic Jam
plays 3347 / votes 1

Traffic Jam

by cooltc, 2011/6/14

2 player competitive game

play The Java Man's Adventures - Special Keyboards
plays 3267 / votes 2

The Java Man's Adventures - Special Keyboards

by Markin2000, 2012/6/11

The fun game that creeping the world! - now in all the keyboards!

play Eat 'em Up
plays 2905 / votes 2

Eat 'em Up

by Techtrix, 2013/2/13

Try to eat the purbles without being eaten up!